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Thomas Farone

My family joined Jung's Taekwondo nearly two years ago with the hope of having an activity we could all do together. Since then we have not only had quality time with each other and grown closer as a family, but we have each been pushed to be better individuals. Grand Master Jung and her staff are some of the most caring and thoughtful people we have ever met, in addition to being incredibly professional and proficient in their art. I could not have asked for a better experience for my family!

Evan Weston

Very professionally run school with great instructors. Leadership, fortitude, and discipline tend create confidence and Jung's TKD is awesome at giving kids these tools.

Dan Cook

My son started last year at 3 years old. Grand Master Jung has employed several techniques to help increase his self esteem and self confidence. He has learned an excellent foundation of discipline and focus. I highly recommend Jung's TKD to anyone particularly if your child has trouble with focus.
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