Tiny Tigers

Ages 3 to 6

* Develop focus and body coordination

* Learn discipline

* Gain self-confidence

* Have fun interacting with other children 


* Gain a healthy body & piece of mind

* Improve endurance, flexibility and strength

* A healthy option for stress relief

* Enjoy positive relationships with enthusiastic

  and motivated people

* Self-Confidence skills and awareness for greater

  personal security


* A common interest everyone can share and look 

  forward to

* Greater respect between family members

* An exercise program that everyone can enjoy doing 


Tae Kwon Do               

* Confidence                       

* Strength

* Concentration                   

* Speed

* Perseverance                    

* Self-Defense

   Benefits of

* Respect                            

* Coordination

* Self-Discipline                  

* Flexibility

* Leadership Skills               

* Balance


Taekwondo Belts

Jung's Taekwondo Acadmey

We provide

* Tournaments

* Promotion Test

* Private Lessons

* After School Programs

* Special Events

‚Äč* Involvement with the community

How to start

All new students at Jung's Tae Kwon Do start with a TRIAL PROGRAM designed to give the student a chance to observe classes and find out the benefits of Tae Kwon Do training. 


* Develop self-confidence and "I can do it" attitude

* Respect, focus and improve self-discipline for better

  behavior at home

* Improves strength, coordination and athletic abilities

* Have tons of fun in classes and special events