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  • Kid Kicks!       Children and Peewee class information

    All kids love Tae Kwon Do!As soon as they step into the Dojang and see the gym atmosphere and other kids kickin, any kid wants to join in the fun. Kids benefit greatly from TKD classes. From the beginning their attention span, focus, and goal setting begin to change. As they continue, their physical development, mental awareness and health only continue to improve.
    Tae Kwon Do is a safe and self-improving sport.The only real competition is the competition with their own improving and being a better self!
    From the peewee group to the children group, the kids learn to be good teammates, supportive, anti-bullying, and it helps all kids become more confident, enthusiastic, and attentive in school and other activities.
    For kids, we also have various extra activities to give them a safe environment, such as Pizza night, Birthday Parties, and more!

    Teen and Adult Class Information

    For teens and adults, Tae Kwon Do is very benficial for health. Let’s face it, most adults don’t get any exercise. And without motivation, most adults will sit in front of the TV or computer when they have some free time. By taking Tae Kwon Do, you are taking the first steps or kicks, to take back your health! A strong, healthy body is also a great preventative measure against aging, atrophied muscles, and injury due to weakness. Get back into shape now and learn so.

    Black Belt Club and Demo Team

    Those students who show promise and dedication and are qualified, they can join the Black Belt Club and Demo Team. The Black Belt Club/Demo Team students receive additional training to prepare them to be the best black belts they can be, as well as to guide them to do the stunts and breaking that Tae Kwon Do

    Other Classes

     In addition to our regular classes, Master Jung offers private Tae Kwon Do classes during the week, and Noel offers Private Eskrima classes. Contact the appropriate instructor for extra.


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